Elias (3.5 yr old) Stuttering treated with a combination of the Lidcombe Program and Syllable Timed Speech

A good window to treat stuttering is in its preschool years. Starting at too young an age (<4yrs) can drag treatment time out as the child may not be mature enough. But the decision to start treatment for Elias was based on the severity of stuttering and the distress it was causing to both parent and child.
The Lidcombe program takes a behavioural approach to treat stuttering. The treatment steers and shapes stuttering towards fluent speech. Parents learn to structure activities and their interaction such that the child practices more fluent speech in daily doses. Through treatment and conditioning of fluent speech, the structuring can gradually lessen as the child becomes more fluent.
Parent involvement in stuttering treatment of a preschooler is crucial. Sarah, Elias’s mother, took on feedback and supported Elias very well throughout the program.
I stumbled upon Gwyneth after searching online for a speech therapist to help with my son’s stuttering. I can’t actually put it into words how lucky we are to have found her.
On our first meeting, I broke down. Watching my outgoing and chatty 3 year old boy turn into a shell of his former self was completely heart breaking. Elias had stopped conversing as he had lost his confidence due to severe stuttering.
Enter Gwyneth! Warm and articulate, she helped him by devising a treatment plan using evidence based practise. Being a mom herself, Gwyneth is extremely patient and understanding with Elias. Sessions were always fun and he always looked forward to seeing her.
As for me, it felt like I had made a new friend. Gwyneth is warm with a great sense of humour. She supported me at all stages throughout the treatment plan, providing detailed guidance on how to support my son’s development between sessions.
Elias is now an effective communicator thanks to Gwyneth. I can’t recommend her enough. Our family will always remember her fondly.
Sarah (Elias’  mother)