I have been stuttering for decades. When I met Gwyneth a year ago, I was exhibiting disfluency especially in terms of blockages which had really affected my confidence and created much anxiety throughout my life. I had low expectations as my experiences with speech therapy through my childhood years all the way through adulthood were not ideal; thankfully my experience has been incredibly positive.

Gwyneth has guided me through every week of therapy with great expertise and deep sincerity; I have always felt challenged but never once felt disappointment as she has created a tailor-made program for me through a thoughtful understanding of my speech characteristics; teaching me new methods every week to help me improve my vocal coordination.

A year down the road, I have made great leaps in overcoming my stuttering and can hear how much my speech patterns have evolved to improve my fluency. I am very fortunate to have met Gwyneth and look forward to continuing my journey.

Aaron C

Aaron was diagnosed with mild stuttering but had some anxiety over specific speaking situations where the stutters would become more severe.  Apart from using the Camperdown speech restructuring program, Gwyneth had to incorporate some elements of voice therapy to enable Aaron to overcome the blockages.  Aaron’s treatment was done primarily online.

He was very diligent in his practice and honed his ability to self-monitor and control his speech.  He is continuing to work through his speech and is aware of setting his own speech goals in these challenging situations.  His confidence continues to grow.

I highly recommend Gwyneth Lee as a speech therapist. Our son had severe stuttering at an older age that is more complex to treat. A previous speech therapist had failed to make any difference with him, but with Gwyneth his results were dramatic and almost miraculously quick. Gwyneth goes above and beyond to help her clients. She is extremely knowledgeable and deeply caring.  We feel blessed that we found her.
– Emily (Elijah’s Mother)

Elijah (10 years old) was diagnosed with severe stuttering marked by effortful blocks (stuck words) and prolongations (stretching of sounds).  His severity was 7 on a a scale of 0-9 (0 no stuttering, 9 extreme stuttering).  He achieved fluent speech with mum’s support and a tailored treatment program.  Elijah was able to achieve fluent speech with severity 0 within 3 sessions.  He is now on periodic follow-up and has not shown signs of relapse.  He is very happy with his speech and has the confidence to speak on stage.

Gwyneth treated my girl’s stutter issue few years back. We were very satisfied with her skill  in speech therapy. Hence when we noticed my boy’s articulation issue last year, Gwyneth has been my first choice of speech therapist without second thought. Due to covid pandemic, the therapy sessions had been hold through zoom. It was not easy to sit through online sessions for a 6years old boy, but Gwyneth managed to make it fun and attracted my boy attention. Gwyneth had also always given us prompt response and advice to guide my boy through on daily basis. Our heartfelt appreciation to Gwyneth in helping our children to overcome their speech issue. Thank you so much, Gwyneth! We highly recommend Gwyneth for her professionalism in speech therapy.

– Mrs Lew

YY was seen by Gwyneth via Zoom during the COVID period in 2022.  He had a lateral lisp of sounds s, sh and ch.  Mum was diligent in following through with home exercises.

I would highly recommend Gwyneth to those looking for support and guidance in feminizing their voice (or voice therapy in general).
She is very supportive and caring, and made me feel comfortable and at ease from our first meeting. The sessions were fun and engaging; she was encouraging with her compliments and constructive with with her criticism. The smile she gave when things were going well made all the effort worthwhile.
I left every session impressed with how generous she was with her time, care, and expertise. I feel very fortunate to have met her when I did during my transition.

In terms of results, she demonstrated a very effective knowledge of the field leaving me very pleased; I’m gendered correctly on the phone very reliably and have no anxiety with how my voice might be perceived when holding conversations in person. I’ve recently switched jobs and at no point during the several rounds of interviews did I have to spend any significant effort in achieving the voice I wanted, so thank you Gwyneth for giving me to tools to do this.

Ellie saw me for 13 sessions.  I’m glad she achieved a consistent voice in public.  She is now exploring her singing voice in both the lower and upper register



My voice has always been very deep and masculine, so I was quite worried about whether I would be able to achieve a feminine voice. But 6 months later I managed to achieve a female sounding voice. Gwyneth patiently taught me how to raise my pitch and improve my resonance throughout our sessions and provided constant encouragement which help me feel less embarrassed about the voices I make. Thank you ! I’m glad I decided to start on voice therapy 😊

Well done Emilia!  She has consented for the following 2 audio clips to be posted on the website.  She continues to check in with Gwyneth from time to time.

Pre Treatment, Baseline recording

After 6 session,  170Hz

Gwyneth saved my voice! I hurt my voice at a singing class and perhaps I didn’t realise how many bad habits I had vocally until I had injured myself and went to her to seek help. She’s very patient and helped me learn how to better use my voice, heal my voice and teach me about sustaining my voice because I have a high vocal load as a performer and teacher. I am so grateful for the healing that has come with her and have been able to use the tools she’s given me for my shows, classes, voiceovers and work. She really wants the best for you and your voice and I have benefitted greatly from working with her.
– Shanice

Shanice is a professional stage performer/host and dance teacher. She was referred to me by her singing teacher. Her singing teacher was quick to identify that Shanice was experiencing changes in her voice. When Shanice first saw me, her voice had breaks and jitter. The pain and vocal tension that she experienced was brought about by a combination of having a serious upper respiratory tract infection and a continued vocal demand in her teaching and performances.

Shanice’s vocal tension was brought on by her speaking roles more than her singing. (This is a fairly common scenario among singer/performers)  Unfortunately, singing tipped the balance and that caused her to lose confidence in singing.

She saw an ENT and her stroboscopic examination cleared her of any vocal pathology.

We worked on her speaking and acting voice when taking on various animated roles. With her awareness of her voice type and what she could do healthily, the pain gradually subsided. Thank you for sharing insights into the acting/performing world. It was a nice collaboration between therapist and performer. With this awareness, I encouraged her to return to singing and build her confidence again.

Gwyneth gave me a new voice to start a new chapter in my life. She is very patient with various problems I face with my voice. She prescribes tailored practices for my voice. For me, this is extremely important as I wanted to attain a convincing female voice as soon as possible, which might take years to achieve if I just follow online video guides. The lessons are enjoyable and she always goes the extra mile to make sure I understand the important points in each lesson.

– Lynn

Lynn underwent voice feminisation therapy. She received a total of 20 hrs of treatment stretched across weekly and fortnightly sessions. She also had a mixture of in-clinic and telepractice sessions via ZOOM.
She is now on monthly/bimonthly reviews to ensure the calibration and health of her voice.
Through the session, Lynn has learnt how to make fine adjustments to her voice and has confidence in using her voice at work, in social situations and with her loved ones. Well done Lynn!
She has kindly allowed sample recordings of her voice pre and post treatment.



Post-therapy, Reading task


Post-therapy, spontaneous monologue


I spent many months reading and trying to feminise my voice on my own, to very little effect. After a year with Gwyneth, I wished that I had started voice feminisation with her sooner. Gwyneth was incredibly flexible and understanding in my limitations as an nsf [National Service Fulltime] and gladly worked around it and my lack of private space to practice. Frankly, things will get hard and you will be frustrated, but stick with it, Gwyneth will patiently and consistently try to find something that works for you and guide you through it.

It’s been a breath of life, feeling that my voice is finally my own and that I can present myself as I am. Having friends rave and be in awe at how good and natural your voice sounds is one of the best feelings in the world.

– Laura

Laura underwent voice feminisation therapy with me.  We worked on voice conditioning, pitch, and more importantly, resonance/register adjustments at her targeted training pitch.  Some sessions were also done via telepractice (Zoom).  Through time, she developed a better awareness of her voice and was able to monitor it well.  It is very satisfying when a patient undergoing voice feminisation can finally identify with her voice.

She has very kindly allowed a voice sample of her reading “The Game”.  Have a listen to the pre and post treatment examples!

Well Done Laura!

Pre Treatment, 115Hz


Post Treatment, 232Hz


Our son started stuttering at the age of 2. It is a difficult/worrisome time for parents as we didn’t know what to do and also can see the difficulty it creates for our son. We did seek a couple different opinions and tried a treatment but over the course of 2.5 year we didn’t have a lot of progress and more importantly Our son was demotivated to continue treatment. After a period of break – due to our sons de-motivation, things were going worse and we did restart the search. We did contact Gwyneth and she had availability to start seeing our son. First of all – from day 1 – she had excellent connect with our son. Despite different specialists use/follow same methodology- the main difference is with the person herself/himself. We had an intensive effort together and had meaningful progress over the course of 2+ years where today we are at a point our son overcame a lot of obstacles. One great point to highlight the connect between Gwyneth and our son is that – he actually love to see Gwyneth more frequently but as he improved now it is not needed:) As a parent – I hope you can have a chance to collaborate with Gwyneth in this journey – that requires resilience and patience. We are very grateful for all help / support Gwyneth gave us over the course of years.

– Cinar S

*Alex* was a 5 year old boy, who came to me for the treatment of stuttering after undergoing the Lidcombe program for stuttering with another therapist for 2 yrs. The challenge with someone who has had previous treatment is always to figure out what was done and what worked (and didn’t) for both parent and child.

When we first met, he presented as an intelligent and competitive boy who set high expectations of himself. He was definitely aware and sensitive towards his disfluencies. He did not like receiving any positive feedback about his speech and his first language was not English.

We had to work around building trust and rapport between therapist and child. Teaming up with the parent (in this case his mother) was critical for the child. His mother knew what didn’t work out from the previous therapist.  Eg can you say ‘truck’ smoothly? The child would shut down as he knew that if he tried again, the chance of him stuttering would be high. The child did not like explicit praise given to his speech.

This child underwent the Lidcombe program again with a combination of a short period of syllable timed speech. We worked towards conditioning his fluency and desensitizing him to praise and correction for fluent/non fluent speech. This had to be skillfully and gradually done by taking in feedback from his mother each week, close observations of the child’s reaction to verbal contingencies in clinic and careful selection of motivating tasks to bring out more fluent speech.

This really emphasizes the importance of 1) trust and rapport building between child and therapist. 2) collaboration between parents and therapist. 3) perseverance from his mother in carrying out daily treatment for the child and support from his father. 4) the importance of adapting a program to suit each child within a evidenced based framework ie Lidcombe Program.

Dear Ms Lee,

Thank you very much for helping me with my voice problem. Now I know what’s my voice problem, I don’t need to panic or even be over anxious when my voice goes into spasm. I will just stop for a little while and then continue speaking. I realise that my voice spasm is still there. I must learn to speak with gentleness. Telegraphic [speech] is a help too. The exercises you gave help me to minimise my spasm. It was most interesting to learn something from you regarding my voice. There’s always so much to learn in life.
Thank you very  much for your patience and understanding with my voice problem, Ms Lee. I look forward to seeing you again on [xxx] October.
With best wishes for the professional job that you are doing. Samuel [her singing teacher] says you are very hard to come by. He must be right.
With sincere regards,
Gloria G
Gloria was diagnosed with vocal tremor which was interfering with her ability to communicate effectively at work.  Telegraphic speech was a technique I came across when attending a voice conference.  This technique worked out well to help Gloria reduce her vocal tremor.