Services Offered

DSCF0274 Gwyn Sean zoomed outA standard assessment session will last approximately 1.5 hours. This will be recommended by the therapist. During the assessment, the speech therapist will take a case history of you/your child to gain a better understanding of the concerns. A video or audio recording may be done in clinic to help with the diagnosis and treatment process.You may want to bring along some home recordings (video or audio) to best represent your/your child’s speech and language abilities. These can be viewed during the assessment. During the assessment, there will be ample opportunity to give you information about your/your child’s condition, discuss treatment approaches and the best options available.


Individual Therapy
A typical session is about an hour long. For children, parental/caregiver involvement is strongly advised.  Sessions usually start off with weekly intervals, and then taper off as therapy progresses.  There are also opportunities to practice techniques in day-to-day situations. This is offered in-clinic and online.
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Group therapy involves 2 or more patients having therapy together. Care and sensitivity is taken to match patients based on their fluency and voice goals, age and personality.  The benefits of group therapy are that patients can work on generalisation of speech skills, brainstorm ideas and find support in each other.  This is offered in-clinic and online.


We offer intensive treatment for stuttering for more mature school-aged children, adolescents and adults. The intensive programs cater to those who are undergoing treatment with the Camperdown Program. This is offered to those who are new to learning the speech strategies or to those who have relapsed and need a refresher.  The intensive sessions can range from a half-day session to a 4-day intensive.  There will be follow-up sessions to ensure the maintenance of the speech progress made.


Real World Experience
DSCF1300 Kate orderingIt is crucial that patients experience how to use their strategies in day to day situations. The clinic can be an “artificial” environment where it is free from noise and distractions. Hence it is important that patients are given a chance to practice their strategies in different settings and with different people.  The clinic is situated in the heart of Bedok and allows ample opportunity to practice and transfer the learnt skills. This is done with care and under close collaboration with the patient/caregiver to give a positive confidence-building experience.


Treatment is available via online meeting platforms (eg Zoom, Teams, Skype).  Telehealth treatment can be accessed from home or workplace. Studies have shown that telehealth treatment is just as effective as compared to treatment in the clinic setting.  This can be a good option for local and international patients.
Home Therapy
Home therapy sessions are available and are typically 1 hour long. Please contact us for further information.


Workshops and Talks
The preventative voice workshops aim at increasing awareness of the voice and how to care for it.  It is beneficial for those who have high demands placed on their voices at work or at home. Through the workshop, there will be hands-on practice on how to best use and project the voice. Please call for more enquiries.