Mr. & Mrs. K.J.Y. (Parents of a 6 year old boy) Treated with Syllable-timed Speech

Mr. & Mrs. K.J.Y. (Parents of a 6 year old boy) Treated with Syllable-timed Speech

We first noticed our little boy stuttering when he just turned 4 years old. But at that time, we thought this was common for all the young children who just started speaking and believed he would outgrow it. We only sensed something was wrong when he approached 6 years old and still stuttered from time to time with a lot of blockages and repetitions in his speech.

This started to bother him and he would feel helpless and frustrated especially when he was eager to express himself but unable to speak fluently. We searched online and got to know more about stuttering and decided to seek professional opinions. A visit to the fluency clinic at SGH confirmed our fear and we were referred to their former Principal Speech Therapist, Ms. Gwyneth Lee.

Since Ms. Gwyneth has worked in this field for more than 11 years, she is very experienced. A treatment plan was tailor-made for our son after the first consultation. Ms. Gwyneth makes adjustments to the treatment plans weekly based on our boy’s progress. This approach has proven to be very effective; although our son has only started stuttering treatment for 3 months, his severity has been reduced tremendously and he is much more stable in his fluency level.

Besides her professional knowledge, Ms. Gwyneth is very good at dealing with young children and she built rapport with our son easily. With all kinds of toys and well-planned games, her treatment sessions are always interesting and full of fun. As a result, our boy is always looking forward to seeing her and never feels bored in the sessions.

From parents’ perspective, Ms. Gwyneth has been very understanding and has empathized with us right from the beginning. She truly cares about our feelings and always encourages and leads us with positive thinking. She does her job with passion and love. Looking back, we feel so lucky that we have Ms. Gwyneth to guide us, who has made the difficult road much easier.