Nicole – Stuttering, 16 year old

Gwyneth is professional, knowledgeable in her area of expertise, authentic and sincere. In the last eight months, she has helped Nicky so much with her disfluency. She taught Nicky techniques to overcome her speech challenges and has also been a great source of encouragement in positively guiding Nicky. We saw results and improvement just after two sessions.

We are so delighted that Nicky is now able to express herself fluently and has gained much confidence in her interaction with family and friends. Apart from Gwyneth’s expertise, we are especially thankful too for the level of care she has shown Nicky. Gwyneth has been a gem and we are so glad to be working with her.

Jacqueline (Nicky’s mum)

Nicole was treated with the Camperdown Program for stuttering.  There are 4 stages in the Camperdown program which aims to increase the control of her speech.  Nicole did stage 2 in an intensive format and stage 3 & 4 through tele practice via Zoom (due to Covid).  Her parents were very supportive of her throughout the therapy.  She was given the option to come back for face-to-face sessions but they found Zoom to be just as effective.