Ellie – Gender affirming voice therapy (Voice Feminsation)

I would highly recommend Gwyneth to those looking for support and guidance in feminizing their voice (or voice therapy in general).
She is very supportive and caring, and made me feel comfortable and at ease from our first meeting. The sessions were fun and engaging; she was encouraging with her compliments and constructive with with her criticism. The smile she gave when things were going well made all the effort worthwhile.
I left every session impressed with how generous she was with her time, care, and expertise. I feel very fortunate to have met her when I did during my transition.

In terms of results, she demonstrated a very effective knowledge of the field leaving me very pleased; I’m gendered correctly on the phone very reliably and have no anxiety with how my voice might be perceived when holding conversations in person. I’ve recently switched jobs and at no point during the several rounds of interviews did I have to spend any significant effort in achieving the voice I wanted, so thank you Gwyneth for giving me to tools to do this.

Ellie saw me for 13 sessions.  I’m glad she achieved a consistent voice in public.  She is now exploring her singing voice in both the lower and upper register