Benson Pang - Voice Therapy

Benson Pang – Voice Therapy

I am an actor, singer, and a prospective school teacher. After suffering a vocal cord haemorrhage, I lost much of my range, flexibility and vocal stamina. Working with Gwyneth helped me regain my vocal abilities and improved my confidence to speak and sing in public once again! Sessions with Gwyneth were friendly and tailored to my specific needs, and I felt safe under her attentive care and patience. Gwyneth also meticulously follows up each consultation with emails to check on my vocal hygiene, and also records our sessions for future reference. I just finished performing in a musical theatre production as well as an a cappella concert with a bright, clear and healthy sound throughout, and didn’t feel any vocal fatigue after my shows! Thank you Gwyneth for helping me regain my voice and confidence!

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