Therapy sessions with Gwyneth are always purposeful, positive and encouraging.

Gwyneth’s expertise and professionalism makes me feel safe and at ease. Kind and competent, she has been supportive and attentive to the needs of my changing voice. Her explanations are clear and she demonstrates exercises so that I have no problem following through at home.

Gwyneth’s committment shines through as her therapy sessions are always well-planned and enjoyable. She is caring and sensitive, making sessions something to look forward to! With consistent practice and guidance for 2 months, my voice has changed significantly for the better. I am grateful to have her as my therapist.

– Denise

Denise was 18 years old when she first came for voice therapy. She had an unusual high pitched voice quality with a limited speaking and weaker lower range. Puberphonia, even though more common in males, can occur in females too. It is characterised by a habitual and continuous use of the pre-adolescent, high pitched voice of a child even after puberty.  This condition is also known as mutational falsetto or functional falsetto. Denise had weekly sessions for 2 months where we worked on reducing tension sites and finding her lower range while maintaining resonance. Once we found her physiological lower pitch, we worked on vocal stamina and habituating her speaking voice. Denise was very hardworking and consistent with her daily voice practice. Once she found her full range of the speaking voice, Denise expressed an interest in exploring singing. I referred Denise to an experienced singing teacher. It was a pleasure to maintain open communication with her singing teacher to discuss voicing patterns noticed in both Denise’s singing and speaking voice.  This overlap between voice therapy and singing lessons had a synergetic effect on stabilising Denise’s modal range for both singing and speaking 🙂

Aaron Cheng - Stuttering Treatment for Adults (Telepractice, Camperdown Program)

Gwyneth is an excellent speech therapist, her patient and encouraging persona is very helpful in aiding me to develop the right speech techniques to overcome my speech dysfluencies. Due to the COVID-19 situation, most of my speech therapy sessions with Gwyneth is via Skype and ZOOM, but there is no slack in the intensity. Over the Internet, Gwyneth helped me to correct my speech patterns and maintain the rigour in applying speech techniques through the weekly sessions. In the later segment of the therapy, Gwyneth helped me to transfer what I have learnt into my daily life: conversations with family, friends, strangers and also public speaking. Thank you, Gwyneth!

With much gratitude,
Aaron Cheng

It was a pleasure to work with Aaron on his speech. Aaron had stuttering and was treated with speech restructuring (Camperdown Program). This means that he had to learn a new way of speaking to help him coordinate and control his speech better. Due to the Covid-19 situation, Aaron had most of his therapy sessions via Telepractice with ZOOM/SKYPE as a platform. He had about 18 weekly sessions to treat the stuttering. In addition to being consistent in his weekly attendance, Aaron was very diligent and disciplined in his speech practice. He was very determined to use his new speech pattern in his day to day situations e.g. with his family and at work meetings. Well done Aaron!

The use of Telepractice for the treatment of stuttering has been well researched. There are randomised controlled trials supporting the effectiveness of treating stuttering with the Lidcombe Program (pre-schoolers) and the Camperdown Program (adolescents and adults). Treating stuttering via Telepractice can be just as effective as treatment at the clinic. Some advantages include: less travel time, learning in a familiar and comfortable environment, ease of generalising the new speech pattern into real daily situations.

In my experience with Telepractice since 2014, it may not be suitable for everyone. The strengths and potential limitations of Telepractice have to be discussed with each patient/caregiver. Some factors that I may consider are: maturity and nature of the school-aged child/teenager/adolescent, motivation levels, patient needs, parent- child dynamics and language barriers


A good window to treat stuttering is in its preschool years. Starting at too young an age (<4yrs) can drag treatment time out as the child may not be mature enough. But the decision to start treatment for Elias was based on the severity of stuttering and the distress it was causing to both parent and child.
The Lidcombe program takes a behavioural approach to treat stuttering. The treatment steers and shapes stuttering towards fluent speech. Parents learn to structure activities and their interaction such that the child practices more fluent speech in daily doses. Through treatment and conditioning of fluent speech, the structuring can gradually lessen as the child becomes more fluent.
Parent involvement in stuttering treatment of a preschooler is crucial. Sarah, Elias’s mother, took on feedback and supported Elias very well throughout the program.
I stumbled upon Gwyneth after searching online for a speech therapist to help with my son’s stuttering. I can’t actually put it into words how lucky we are to have found her.
On our first meeting, I broke down. Watching my outgoing and chatty 3 year old boy turn into a shell of his former self was completely heart breaking. Elias had stopped conversing as he had lost his confidence due to severe stuttering.
Enter Gwyneth! Warm and articulate, she helped him by devising a treatment plan using evidence based practise. Being a mom herself, Gwyneth is extremely patient and understanding with Elias. Sessions were always fun and he always looked forward to seeing her.
As for me, it felt like I had made a new friend. Gwyneth is warm with a great sense of humour. She supported me at all stages throughout the treatment plan, providing detailed guidance on how to support my son’s development between sessions.
Elias is now an effective communicator thanks to Gwyneth. I can’t recommend her enough. Our family will always remember her fondly.
Sarah (Elias’  mother)

Vera was first assessed in November 2017 when she was 2.5 years old. We held off treatment as we felt she was slightly young. Meanwhile, her father was vigilant in monitoring her speech progress and reporting it to me on a monthly basis. Vera’s stuttering was sporadic in nature. After monitoring for a year, we decided it was the best time to start treatment.

As our first child, we didn’t quite know what to expect when Vera first exhibited symptoms of stuttering at the age of 3 (both audio and visual cues). We weren’t sure if it was merely a passing phase as part of speech development or something more deep rooted. We decided to have her assessed with a speech therapist, after the occurences started to increase and in greater severity too, which caused much distress to us. After doing research on available options, we settled on Gwyneth, based on her experience particularly with children and being a mother of two young ones herself.

Vera is typically shy with strangers but she took to Gwyneth easily. Sessions always went very smoothly, with both Vera and us learning along the way. She always looks forward to sessions with Gwyneth. In fact, as we progressed further into the program and had more spaced out sessions, Vera often lamented that she was seeing less of ‘Teacher Gwyneth’. Progress certainly didn’t happen overnight; we already had our expectations set from the get go and that as parents, we do need to be very patient and involved too in the therapy, to gain optimal outcome for the child. Nonetheless, we are both surprised and elated that within the short span of a few months, it was clear there was an increasing significant improvement in Vera’s speech.

Throughout the engagement, Gwyneth has always been very approachable and patient with our concerns and queries. She is supportive and provides encouragement, particularly in the times of recurrences and updates the ‘game plan’ accordingly. It’s obvious she genuinely cares for Vera and we have always felt assured that Vera would get better under Gwyneth’s guidance. We’re proud and immensely grateful to Gwyneth that as of today, Vera is able to speak confidently with almost non-detectable stuttering.

– Arthur (Vera’s Father)

I was referred to Gwyneth by my ENT specialist for chronic laryngitis. Learning how to re-wire my muscle memory to speak in the “correct” way is not easy but Gwyneth is great with going through the recovery step-by-step. Each step is explored thoroughly and practised such that at the end of the day when you piece all the puzzles together, the big picture becomes very clear and it makes sense. Her ability to detect the countless nuances in my voice is uncanny as well.

– Jane Tanmizi

After attending this speech therapy, I felt that my confidence had grown a lot as last time, I had always been scared to present on stage or talk to a big crowd. However, when Ms Gwyneth became my Speech Therapist, I learnt how to control my speech so I would not stutter as much. Not only is Ms Gwyneth’s way of teaching effective, her lessons are also entertaining as after I had completed a few tasks, we would usually play a game, whether it be a card game or a board game. Hence, thanks to her coaching, I have grown a lot braver than I used to be and dared to speak up more in front of my class and school. I would always look forward to attending my therapy sessions.

Jun Rui

Emmet was 3 yrs coming to 4 when i decided to have him assessed for stuttering. I was on the fence for a while since 2 yrs old, due to the fact that he is still young and he might outgrow it, but I followed my gut feeling as I can see something is not right compared to his peers. Knowing how to talk confidently is important, So I decided not to wait any longer. Approaching Gwyneth is so easy. I left her a message and she called back, answering every question I have with no obligation. We decided to start after the assessment, as she mentioned with my child’s temperament, the program is suitable. Emmet love coming for sessions, and I have seen great improvement. Throughout the journey she has taught me how to manage his stutters. He is stable now after 8 months without much stutters, but will continue to monitor closely and I definitely know I have Gwyneth behind my back if I need help again. Thank you so much, forever grateful for your guidance.

– Wendy

When I first reached out to Gwyneth in August 2018, as a concerned mother who couldn’t come to the terms that her first born is not able to even finish a small sentence without blocking and repeating, I was worried that he will not be able to talk fluently ever. But it took only one meeting with Gwyneth which made me realize, it’s nothing that my son can’t overcome. Acceptance over powered denial and negativity turned into positivity. With Gwyneth’s help my son (10 years old) is now able to talk confidently in mere 6 months with a very few repetitions applying the techniques taught by this great lady. She guided both myself and my son throughout and emphasized on how important is parents involvement along with the therapy. Ibrahim and I are grateful for all your help and guidance

Mariam, mother of Ibrahim

My boy was 5 when I noticed him not speaking clearly.  At first we thought it is out of excitement he rushes off.  One of my friends referred me to consult Gwyneth.  When I went to meet her I was shocked to know that he has got stuttering and there are various types in stutters like repetitions, blocks, pauses etc
Gwyneth is a well experienced and knowledgeable speech therapist.  She was gentle and kind with kids which made my son feel at ease.  Her sessions included activities and games which my son used to look forward to.
Gwyneth was very friendly in the sessions.  She guided me very well how to do sessions at home and followed up regularly.  I was really happy to see the progress in my son gradually.  Now 6 months later my son is able to speak clearly without any stutters and with more confidence.  All thanks to Gwyneth, without her I wouldn’t even have realised about my son’s actual problem.

Mother of “Avik” (Name changed)

Bryan (5 years old) - Stuttering

Bryan started to show signs of severe stuttering when he was three years old. He was blocking, repeating and stretching his words. I was having the hope that the stuttering would disappear on its own and decided to wait and observe.

However, my wish didn’t come true. The stuttering persisted when he turned four. There were ‘good days’ when the stuttering was mild, but it was always followed by those ‘bad days’ when he struggled with every single word that he said.

As his mummy, it was heart breaking seeing him want to express himself so much but was unable to. Bryan also showed frustration. He would pant and jump to force words out. He would also give up in between his words. This was the turning point and I realized Bryan needed help.

I googled online trying to look for some reputable and experienced Speech Therapists. Thank God I found “A Million Things to Say” and Gwyneth who has more than 14 years of experience in this field. After the first assessment session with her, I knew she was the one that I could fully trust.

A few months into therapy with Gwyneth, Bryan showed significant improvement in his speech. The Lidcombe program worked well for him. Today Bryan is able to talk fluently with little or no stuttering. The outcome is much better than I expected. I would strongly recommend Gwyneth to all the parents whose kids suffer from stuttering. Start treatment early!

– Bryan’s Mummy