Yvonne Liew (Teacher) - Voice Therapy

Yvonne Liew (Teacher) – Voice Therapy

I was referred to Gwyn by my ENT doctor after noticing strain in the voice box. It’s been a great journey of learning and discovery about what my throat and voice can do. Sessions with Gwyn are relaxing and kind of fun. We explored different ways of improving my voice. These included different ways of warming up, finding optimal projection, releasing tension in the voice box and altering the position of the tongue to find the most clear voice.
Gwyn has always been very encouraging and patient. When I first came to her, I had a croaky voice and was lost to how my voice was going to survive as a teacher. I now know how to better control my voice and how to better project it in class. I see an improvement in my voice even when I have a busy day at school
– Yvonne Liew