Vera (3.5 yr old) Stuttering treated with the Lidcombe Program

Vera was first assessed in November 2017 when she was 2.5 years old. We held off treatment as we felt she was slightly young. Meanwhile, her father was vigilant in monitoring her speech progress and reporting it to me on a monthly basis. Vera’s stuttering was sporadic in nature. After monitoring for a year, we decided it was the best time to start treatment.

As our first child, we didn’t quite know what to expect when Vera first exhibited symptoms of stuttering at the age of 3 (both audio and visual cues). We weren’t sure if it was merely a passing phase as part of speech development or something more deep rooted. We decided to have her assessed with a speech therapist, after the occurences started to increase and in greater severity too, which caused much distress to us. After doing research on available options, we settled on Gwyneth, based on her experience particularly with children and being a mother of two young ones herself.

Vera is typically shy with strangers but she took to Gwyneth easily. Sessions always went very smoothly, with both Vera and us learning along the way. She always looks forward to sessions with Gwyneth. In fact, as we progressed further into the program and had more spaced out sessions, Vera often lamented that she was seeing less of ‘Teacher Gwyneth’. Progress certainly didn’t happen overnight; we already had our expectations set from the get go and that as parents, we do need to be very patient and involved too in the therapy, to gain optimal outcome for the child. Nonetheless, we are both surprised and elated that within the short span of a few months, it was clear there was an increasing significant improvement in Vera’s speech.

Throughout the engagement, Gwyneth has always been very approachable and patient with our concerns and queries. She is supportive and provides encouragement, particularly in the times of recurrences and updates the ‘game plan’ accordingly. It’s obvious she genuinely cares for Vera and we have always felt assured that Vera would get better under Gwyneth’s guidance. We’re proud and immensely grateful to Gwyneth that as of today, Vera is able to speak confidently with almost non-detectable stuttering.

– Arthur (Vera’s Father)