Xinzi (15 years old at time of treatment) Treated with the Camperdown Program

Xinzi (15 years old at time of treatment) Treated with the Camperdown Program

I started attending speech therapy treatment since I was 15 years old. I have been maintaining my fluent speech with occasional follow up reviews with Gwyn for close to 10 years now. Gwyn’s sessions are relevant, meaningful and have helped me become more self-sufficient in managing my stuttering outside the clinic.

Besides drills and practices to build proficiency in the speech technique, the sessions also deal with other aspects of managing stuttering such as developing good speech habits, finding our personal stutter “triggers”, psychological preparation before a speech etc. We also regularly devise practical action plans together to tackle difficult speech situations, and discuss speech practices customized to handle each situation.

Conducted in an interactive manner, the sessions aim to help each patient become “his/her own therapist” by developing a mental toolkit that he/she can utilize while managing stuttering.

Gwyn is very patient and approachable; going back for follow-ups feels very much like visiting an old friend to discuss how life has progressed over the past few months and how well I have lived with stuttering during the period.

Besides being more sociable and confident under many situations, the sessions have made me become, more importantly, a happier person with a stronger sense of control over something I previously thought I was never going to overcome.