Susana Jusuf - Voice Therapy

Susana Jusuf – Voice Therapy

Susana was diagnosed with bilateral vocal fold sulcus along with muscle tension dysphonia.  Her case was presented by our therapist Gwyneth Lee at the “Review and discussion on difficult cases” during the MOH HMDP Visiting Expert program hosted by NUH.  Chairing the discussion was the visiting expert, Prof Albert Lincoln Merati, Chief of Laryngology, University of Washington School of Medicine.
Susana is a very motivated patient that has put in a lot of hard work in her voice exercises and has shown improvement in her condition.
I have always had a high pitched, hoarse and small voice, it makes it difficult for people to catch what I say. My ENT doctor, Dr David Lau referred me to Gwyneth for voice therapy.
The first time I came to A Million Things To Say Clinic, I found it is a very cozy and homey place. 
My first impression of Gwyneth was that she carried herself very professionally. She is caring and attentive to her patients. She has a rich and vast experience. She is very passionate and does her work wholeheartedly. She puts her thoughts in giving the best method of therapy for her patients. She makes her patients feel comfortable and not pressurized during the therapy sessions. 
I thank God for giving Gwyneth, a correct person to handle my voice case. I also appreciate how she and Dr Lau complement each other in handling my case. After a few months of therapy, there is a better change of my voice where my friends around me can witness to it. Thanks Gwyneth.
– Susana Jusuf