Mr and Mrs Lew – Stuttering (Child)

It was a pleasure treating Mr and Mrs Lew’s daughter.  This was a case where the child presented very differently in clinic (exceptionally quiet) and at home (talkative).  We carried out the Lidcombe program and worked closely with Mum to learn and apply the principles of the treatment.  The treatment was successful due to the close parental involvement, which is a key ingredient of any successful therapy.
We found our girl to have moderate stutter when she was turning four. We were so worried at that time and searched through internet to find a good and experienced speech therapist. We decided to go to Gwyneth after we visited her website and the good comments about her.
Gwyneth monitored our daughter’s stutters closely and she was very supportive whenever we had any queries. She is very experienced, gentle and patient towards our girl. Our daughter was initially very shy to speak during the treatment session but now she can communicate very well with Gwyneth. She enjoys and looks forward to every treatment session with Gwyneth.
Our girl now speaks fluently. We are very grateful to Gwyneth. Million thanks to Gwyneth!
Mr & Mrs Lew