Emmet (4 years old) – Stuttering treated with the Lidcombe Program

Emmet was 3 yrs coming to 4 when i decided to have him assessed for stuttering. I was on the fence for a while since 2 yrs old, due to the fact that he is still young and he might outgrow it, but I followed my gut feeling as I can see something is not right compared to his peers. Knowing how to talk confidently is important, So I decided not to wait any longer. Approaching Gwyneth is so easy. I left her a message and she called back, answering every question I have with no obligation. We decided to start after the assessment, as she mentioned with my child’s temperament, the program is suitable. Emmet love coming for sessions, and I have seen great improvement. Throughout the journey she has taught me how to manage his stutters. He is stable now after 8 months without much stutters, but will continue to monitor closely and I definitely know I have Gwyneth behind my back if I need help again. Thank you so much, forever grateful for your guidance.

– Wendy