“Avik” (5 years old) – Stuttering

My boy was 5 when I noticed him not speaking clearly.  At first we thought it is out of excitement he rushes off.  One of my friends referred me to consult Gwyneth.  When I went to meet her I was shocked to know that he has got stuttering and there are various types in stutters like repetitions, blocks, pauses etc
Gwyneth is a well experienced and knowledgeable speech therapist.  She was gentle and kind with kids which made my son feel at ease.  Her sessions included activities and games which my son used to look forward to.
Gwyneth was very friendly in the sessions.  She guided me very well how to do sessions at home and followed up regularly.  I was really happy to see the progress in my son gradually.  Now 6 months later my son is able to speak clearly without any stutters and with more confidence.  All thanks to Gwyneth, without her I wouldn’t even have realised about my son’s actual problem.

Mother of “Avik” (Name changed)