About Gwyneth

DSCF2550croppedGwyneth Lee graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, with a Master of Speech Pathology in 2002. She started working at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in 2003, and was the Principal Speech Therapist when she left SGH in 2014 after 11 years of service.  She holds an Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) practicing certificate. She continues to teach and mentor speech therapists in the areas of assessment and treatment of stuttering and disorders of voice.

Gwyneth has a wide skill set across various areas in the field of Speech Therapy. Her areas of specialty and skill include treating:

  • Stuttering in children and adults.
  • Disorders of voice in children and adults (e.g. laryngopharyngeal reflux, muscle tension dysphonia, nodules/polyps/cysts, presbyphonia, transgender voice)
  • Children with speech & language delays/ disorders
  • Adults with speech and/or swallowing disorders following stroke, respiratory issues, tracheostomy and head & neck surgery

Gwyneth has been working with children, adolescents and adults who stutter since 2003. While at Singapore General Hospital, she headed the fluency team and was involved in the training of speech therapists and setting up various treatment and service delivery models to ensure evidenced-based practices in treating stuttering. In 2007, Gwyneth was awarded a fellowship on the assessment and treatment of stuttering at Latrobe University, Victoria; Bankstown Stuttering Unit, Sydney; and the Australian Stuttering Research Centre, Sydney. She is a certified Lidcombe Program and Camperdown Program Therapist.

Gwyneth has been treating voice disorders since 2003. She is a rehabilitation specialist, treating patients who have high voice use demands, complicated voice issues, or severe dysphonia. Gwyneth is skilled in the assessment and management of children and adults with voice disorders. She continues to work with the specific needs of singers and transgender patients.

Gwyneth works closely with the Ear Nose and Throat Voice Specialists (Otolaryngologists) in their diagnosis and management of voice problems.  She is experienced with the stroboscopic evaluation of voice and is trained in the Fibre-optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing disorders.  She has conducted numerous voice workshops for singers, schools and various organisations on the prevention of voice problems.

Gwyneth has attended various voice training through years. Some include workshops by Shelagh Davies (Voice Therapy for Singers and Voice Professionals) , Dr. Joseph Stemple (Vocal Function Exercises) , Dr. Katherine Verdolini Abbott (Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy) , the late Dr. Alison Bagnall (Voice Craft) , Beth Atkins and Helen Tiller (Estill’s for Voice Remediation) . She also had the opportunity to be trained in Grabscheid Voice Centre, New York working with the computer speech lab with Dr. Linda M Carroll.  She is a member of the British Voice Association.

This continual upgrading of Gwyneth’s skills, together with her active voice therapy involvement, equips her to optimize the voice in her patients.

Gwyneth has been treating children with speech and language difficulties since 2012. She is committed to include parents, carers and other professions in the therapy process as they play a crucial role in the child’s therapy progress. She has experience with treating pre-schoolers and school-aged children with speech and language difficulties arising from language delays, language impairment, autism, CAPD and hearing impairment. She has attended various training programs such as: The Hanen Program ITTT, The Hanen Program MTW, Caroline Bowen’s PACT, DIR ®/Floortime and PECS.

As a parent herself and living together with 5 children under one roof (2 children and 3 nephews), Gwyneth understands the challenges that parents face. She is able to work closely with parents and caregivers to develop practical and creative ways to help children improve their fluency, speech and language abilities.